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When foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and fractures don’t respond to conservative protocols, foot surgery is often next. Although many foot surgeries today are minimally invasive, they’re still surgical procedures — and that means you need a highly skilled foot and ankle surgeon. At Godoy Foot & Ankle Center, board-certified podiatric surgeons Heidi Godoy, DPM, and Johanna Godoy, DPM, perform all types of foot and ankle surgery, including simple procedures and full foot and ankle reconstructions. Call the Wayne, New Jersey, office or click the appointment scheduler to set up your consultation.

Foot Surgery Q&A

When does a problem require foot surgery?

The Godoy Foot & Ankle Center team always uses conservative care whenever possible. Although most foot and ankle problems don’t require surgery, there are times that an issue just doesn’t respond to nonoperative care. 

If you’re suffering from chronic foot pain, swelling, deformity, instability, or other issues and you’re not getting adequate relief from conservative care, your podiatrist might recommend foot surgery. 

What types of foot surgery are available?

The experienced Godoy Foot & Ankle Center podiatrists are board-certified in foot and ankle surgery, allowing them to offer a wide range of foot surgeries, such as:

Bunion surgery

Bunions are the hard bumps that grow from the big joint at the base of your big toe. In bunion surgery, your podiatrist can remove the protruding bone, realign your toe, and correct surrounding damage. 

Hammertoe surgery

Hammertoe surgery treats the frozen joint that keeps your toe in a contracted position. During surgery, your podiatrist can remove part of the bone, fuse the toe joints, or use an implant or wire to realign the toe as needed. 

Fracture surgery

Fractures are bone breaks. Just as there are many types and degrees of fractures, there are a variety of surgical solutions. Your podiatrist can realign the broken bone, fuse it together, and, where needed, use pins and plates to secure the bone so it can regrow properly.


Reconstruction surgery typically involves multiple repairs for complex foot damage. Your podiatric surgeon can repair tendons or ligaments, transfer tendons, fuse bones, remove tumors, amputate dead tissue, and use pins or plates to realign and position your bones. 

The Godoy Foot & Ankle Center team designs each surgical plan according to your individual needs. The highly skilled surgeons have the knowledge and experience to complete your surgery successfully and get you back on your feet.

What is recovery from foot surgery like?

Recovery depends on the specific surgical procedure. You may have some downtime, and it’s common to need a bandage, splint, cast, walking boot, or crutches following your foot surgery. Your podiatrist can tell you when and how to start bearing weight and walking. 

Because the podiatrists use advanced surgical protocols that disrupt your foot as little as possible, recovery is often much easier and quicker than with traditional surgery. 

The Godoy Foot & Ankle Center team is with you every step of the way through your surgery. Use the online appointment maker or call the office to book your surgery consultation.