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Three Tips to Finding The Perfect Running Shoe

Brands Don't Actually Matter

Contrary to popular belief, certain sneaker brands aren’t always better than other brands. Most brands (Asics, Brooks, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, etc) sell sell sneakers that are "low profile" with little to no support and sneakers that are very supportive. So just because you are buying a New Balance sneaker doesn't mean it is going to be the best, which brings us to our next point...


Proper support is crucial when shopping for a pair of running shoes. Every foot type, whether you have very flat feet, very high arches, or anything in between, will typically perform better with support and stability. One sign I use when evaluating shoes is the twist testSimply take the sneaker in your hands and twist it every which way you can think of: fold it up, twist it from side to side, and bend it backwards. The more easily the sneaker twists, the less support it has. This poor support and stability is not only not ideal for your foot/ankle but also your knees, hips, and lower back. 

When In Doubt, Consider Orthotics

If you aren’t satisfied with your running experience after buying what you thought was the “perfect” sneaker, orthotics could be a great investment. Orthotics are custom molded shoe inserts that provide extra support where you need it most. They are an excellent option for conservative treatment of arch and heel pain that come from the flattening of the arch. They also help alleviate certain types of tendonitis. Running without sufficient support can cause strain on your foot, so investing in orthotics could be the best option to prevent serious foot injuries.

Dr. Heidi Godoy